From the Executive Director: Advocating for Individuals With Disabilities in the Game of Golf

Well, another month has gone by and it is time to do another blog for the National Alliance for Accessible Golf.  Amazing how time flies when you are doing something you love – serving the Alliance and advocating for individuals with disabilities in the game of golf.

I often talk with people around the country about golf and individuals with disabilities.  Some of the stats I share are that there are 57 million people in the US that have some form of disability.  That is 19 percent of the total US population or 1 in 5 US residents have a disability.  According to a study conducted by the National Center on Accessibility at Indiana University in cooperation with Clemson University, 10 percent play golf currently.  Also 22 percent played before their disability but are not currently playing and 35 percent are currently not playing golf but are interested. Talk about a way to grow the business and game of golf!!  Getting more individuals with disabilities into the game will definitely help move the needle of growing the number of golfers.

The organizations in golf and individuals I speak with agree that golf needs to be inclusive and welcoming of everyone.  But one thing that some people have wrong is that they feel that individuals with disabilities are different.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  We all have different abilities.  Anyone with a disability is just an individual seeking to enjoy the game like everyone else.

The key to expanding the number of golfers with disabilities in our sport is education: Education of golf facility owners, golf professionals, golf course superintendents, club managers about the opportunities to serve individuals with disabilities and welcome them into our game through customer service training and facility set-up and to celebrate the programs and facilities who continue to do an exemplary job of inclusion.  The Alliance has tools and programs at to assist individuals and facilities and help everyone enjoy playing golf.

Please contact us to assist you in any way.

Steve Jubb, PGA, Executive Director

About National Alliance for Accessible Golf
The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is a coalition of recreational, therapeutic, and golf organizations committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities through the game of golf.

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