From the Executive Director: Diversity and Inclusion Are More Than Buzz Words

Diversity and Inclusion are popular buzzwords in the golf industry these days. Often times, it is to refer to gender or ethnic diversity and inclusion in society and even the game of golf.

However, Diversity and Inclusion also needs to include individuals with disabilities.  Often overlooked in these discussions, whether in society or golf, what we find is these individuals like everyone else have abilities.  There are great efforts around the country like PGA HOPE, Special Olympics, National Amputee Golf Association along with the Eastern Amputee Golf Association, Els for Autism to mention just a few.  Each strive to work towards inclusion in the game and in life.

However, some golf courses still balk at accommodating individuals with disabilities.  Aside from Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the potential litigation that could come from denying access to individuals with disabilities to the game, if we truly want to create a society of inclusion, then why not reach out into your community and see how you can bring someone new to the game, someone such as those with a disability?

As we mentioned last month and before, the National Alliance for Accessible Golf has toolkits for golf courses and individuals with disabilities, best practices, and a program/facility search engine.

DYK - Search Engine

Further, our search engine connects individuals with disabilities with local programs and golf facilities. If you have an inclusive program in your community or at your golf facility, go to our homepage at and scroll down and click on the link to enter the program information.

Finally, if your organization is looking for a speaker or presenter concerning the subject of inclusion of individuals with disabilities into the game of golf, contact us at and we will work with you to locate a speaker for your event, meeting, etc.

Together we can all make this game inclusive and accessible.

Until next month,

Steve Jubb, PGA, Executive Director

About National Alliance for Accessible Golf
Dave Barton, PGA is the Executive Director for the National Alliance for Accessible Golf. The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is a coalition of recreational, therapeutic, and golf organizations committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities through the game of golf.

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