From the Executive Director: Open the Doors to the Business of Golf

GolfDay.121I often talk with people around the country about golf and individuals with disabilities.  Some of the stats I share are that there are now 61 million adults in the US that have some form of disability (according to the CDC).  That is 26 percent of the total US adult population.  For children with disabilities, 1 in 5 children have some form of disability (according to the Health and Human Services agency).

When the golf industry talks about growing the business and game of golf, let’s all consider individuals with disabilities.  Given the numbers quoted above, getting more individuals with disabilities into the game will definitely help move the needle.  At the same time, let’s take a look at the business side of the game.  In 2018, only 29,893 people with disabilities entered the workforce.  That’s a ten-fold decrease compared to 343,000 two years prior.

As the golf industry, let’s take a look at the jobs we have available and make a conscious effort to reach out in our communities to agencies and organizations that serve individuals with disabilities, and consider someone with a disability for a position at the golf club or within a golf organization.  That could be a position in golf operations (pro shop, outside operations, or even course maintenance).  Take the example of other industries such as the grocery industry who in many cases have done a great job of employing individuals with disabilities.  In my back yard, Publix grocery stores have excelled at employment of individuals with disabilities.

Most organizations in golf and individuals I speak with agree that golf needs to be inclusive of everyone.  But one thing that some people have wrong is that they feel that individuals with disabilities are different.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  We all have different abilities.  Anyone with a disability is just an individual seeking to enjoy the game and to be involved in their community like everyone else.

So, my closing comment is to those engaged in golf whether it is operating a golf facility, golf organizations whose mission is to grow the game or the general public, let’s open the doors and welcome everyone into the game and business of golf.

Choose to Include,

Steve Jubb, PGA

Executive Director


About National Alliance for Accessible Golf
Dave Barton, PGA is the Executive Director for the National Alliance for Accessible Golf. The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is a coalition of recreational, therapeutic, and golf organizations committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities through the game of golf.

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