From the Executive Director: Have You Ever Considered?

Well, it is the end of March and spring is hopefully around the corner.  The last twelve months have been challenging and we are still not out of the woods. 

With that said, the golf industry has boomed over the last twelve months as a social distancing option for recreation.  With spring coming soon,  those of you who are golf course operators, golf course management companies, golf professionals, golf program coordinators or even golf associations, I am sure you have or getting ready to plan for the golf season if up north or continuing to plan in areas that are 12-month seasons.  You have looked at “how can we attract new golfers to our facilities” or “what new programs can we add to bring more people to the game”.

Have you ever considered reaching out in your community to organizations that serve individuals with disabilities, such as Special Olympics, Autism organizations, VA Medical Centers, rehabilitation facilities, or even senior citizen organizations?  These organizations may never have thought about including golf as part of their programming.  But golf has proven to be a great activity not only from a physical perspective, but also from a mental and social perspective as well.  And if you have never instructed or included people with disabilities at your facilities or programs, don’t be scared or uncertain about engaging with this population.  They are just individuals that may want to try our sport, a game for a lifetime.  After all, they just want to be included and if you are an instructor, keep in mind that you are just teaching golf as you would to anyone else.  You just need to understand the ability level of the individual, as well as person first language, just as you would with anyone coming to the lesson tee.

To help you along with this, the National Alliance for Accessible Golf has some great resources on our website ( that can help.  Ranging from understanding ADA to People First Language, our Golf Course Owner Toolkit under the Resource tab can help.  We also have various other links that may assist. 

We also have a search engine on the website.  If you have a facility or community program or are a golf instructor open to individuals with disabilities, sign up your facility, program, or yourself as an instructor today at   

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is in the process of updating the research on individuals with disabilities in the game of golf.  If you engage with these individuals through your programs, we would love to hear from you on how many are engaged and the types of disabilities involved in your programs.  Send your information to If you have some best practices that we could share with others, please send them our way.

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is here to help make this a game for all.  Please contact us at to assist you in any way.

“Choose to Include,”

Steve Jubb, PGA

Executive Director – National Alliance for Accessible Golf

About National Alliance for Accessible Golf
Dave Barton, PGA is the Executive Director for the National Alliance for Accessible Golf. The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is a coalition of recreational, therapeutic, and golf organizations committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities through the game of golf.

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