2023 New Years Resolutions … #recommendations

By Dave Barton, PGA, Executive Director – Shockingly, as far as my New Year’s Resolutions go, I am off to a typically bad start. Jan 1st does not count (it’s a holiday after all), but I’ve already found a great excuse to not work-out today, Jan 2nd.  Well, it’s likely more of a “reaction” versus an “excuse” but, we did have a great time with family around the house to ring in the New Year with football, food and beverages.  Feel free to now use your imagination on the “why” I missed my workout.  Back to my resolutions tomorrow, maybe the day after.

As the calendar flips to 2023, the Alliance is looking forward to our continued efforts to provide education and resources across the golf industry to help steer organizations on their own paths to creating welcoming, accessible and inclusive environments.

We’ll be speaking on these matters at the 2023 PGA Show and the GCSAA Conference and Trade Show in January at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. If you make it to Orlando for the PGA Show, we’ll also have a booth space (2289) in the adaptive golf area where we hope you will consider stopping by for a visit, network with others, take a small break, charge your phones, whatever!  

Now for some New Year’s Resolutions we hope you will consider for your golf course in 2023. We hope you will resolve to:

  1. Do a simple assessment of your golf course for accessibility with this ADA Checklist for Golf Facilities, a short 11-page checklist with easy to use guidance and diagrams. You might be surprised how compliant you already are, but you’ll be able to easily see where your focus should be to move towards providing an accessible golf course for your customers with disabilities.
  2. Update your website to be accessible to individuals with disabilities. This is your first opportunity to show customers you value access to golf for all.  The majority of golf course websites are simple enough that re-designs are not required, so eliminate that as a reason to not do this!  The future is here in 2023 and through sophisticated, yet cost effective artificial intelligence technology (normally less than $500 per year for a typical golf course website) conversion and monitoring of your existing site for use by individuals with disabilities has never been easier.  If you offer public goods and services, which is the case for most golf courses, you can easily become compliant in the eyes of those that enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Let us help you get started by clicking HERE.  You are only a widget away…
  3. Publish a welcoming statement on your website that communicates the importance of a welcoming, accessible and inclusive environment at your club to the surrounding community.  Share the value of this to your organization and your community through words and imagery that send a simple message… “all are welcomed here”.  Every golf club is a bit different, but the Alliance has created a Golf Facility Accessibility Statement that can be downloaded via the Resources Section at www.accessgolf.org and adapted to share your club’s message and commitment to access.
  4. Train your staff on providing customer service to golfers with disabilities, the types of disabilities, the equipment some may need to swing a golf club and/or maneuver around the golf course, how to communicate with individuals with disabilities, what to say, or not to say. Most importantly, inspire your staff to understand that whether a golfer has a disability or not, we all want to feel welcomed and encouraged to play at your facility.  The Alliance provides numerous tools and resources in this area so don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance and guidance.

Could we have more resolutions? Of course, but as is the case with resolutions, it’s always best to bite off what can be chewed.  By starting with the above, your golf course and staff will be positioned to better serve your entire community and you might be surprised where that journey may take you.

Have a great 2023 and don’t forget to visit us at the PGA Show. We’d welcome the opportunity to meet you and include you in this amazing community of organizations and golf golf courses that get it.

Please visit us at Booth 2289 at the 2023 PGA Show

About National Alliance for Accessible Golf
Dave Barton, PGA is the Executive Director for the National Alliance for Accessible Golf. The National Alliance for Accessible Golf is a coalition of recreational, therapeutic, and golf organizations committed to the inclusion of people with disabilities through the game of golf.

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