Alliance Updates Toolkits for Golfers and Course Owners/Operators

The National Alliance for Accessible Golf (Alliance) announces the update of its two signature resources, the Toolkit for Golfers and the Toolkit for Golf Course Owners/Operators. These toolkits further the mission of the Alliance to increase awareness of inclusion for individuals with disabilities into the game of golf. These resources provide guidance for golf courses, ranges and facilities and individuals interested in golf for people with disabilities.

The Toolkit for Golfers was developed collaboratively by the organizations represented on the Alliance, including the American Therapeutic Recreation Association and Indiana University, National Center on Accessibility. The Toolkit details golf adaptations for a wide range of disabilities; provides real-life success stories of individuals with disabilities; and lists a number of resources for persons interested in pursuing golf.

The Toolkit for Owners/Operators was designed to provide guidance to golf course owners and operators as they seek ways to make their golf courses more accessible to golfers with disabilities, specifically Title III that requires public accommodations, including golf courses, to provide goods and services to people with disabilities on an equal basis. This information has been updated to reflect the 2010 Accessibility guidelines which became effective March 15, 2012.

Both toolkits are available in PDF format and can be downloaded online at