Why we do what we do

According to the US Census Bureau 2002 survey, there are approximately 51 million Americans with some form of disability. This includes 18 percent of the total US population. In other words, almost 1 in 5 U.S. residents has a disability.

According to a study conducted by the National Center on Accessibility at Indiana University in cooperation with Clemson University:

  • 10 percent of persons with some disability now play golf.
  • 22 percent of those with disabilities played golf before incurring their disability, but are not playing now.
  • 35 percent of individuals with disabilities are currently not playing golf, but are interested in learning.

The study identified key factors for why those 35 percent of the people with disabilities would like to, but were not playing golf, and found that:

  • 33 percent felt uncomfortable about playing in front of others.
  • 31 percent believed that the course staff did not know how to assist them.
  • 36 percent said that they needed a better understanding of the fundamentals of golf.
  • 38 percent stated a need for lessons specific to their disability.

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